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Uni (and we don't mean the food variety)

The Uni series consisting of a dining chair, an armchair and a lounge chair, designed by Kai Kristiansen - is now available for viewing in the showroom.

Licenced to Miyazaki Chair Factory, the Uni series is an exercise in elegance, artistry and superb craftsmanship. Although minimal in form, it is the attention to the small details that make this series special, such as the immaculate joints where the fluid lines of the back rest meet the rear seat posts, or the organic arm rests of the Uni Rest. Simply put, these designs are beautiful from all angles, even from the back.

An interesting anecdote Kristiansen shared was that when he was still a student, Fritz Hansen wanted to put one of his chairs into production. But Arne Jacobsen, already a dominant figure and Fritz Hansen’s big name, vetoed it, threatening to walk if the “kid’s chair” was made. Kristiansen later revealed that the Uni Senior (#4110) is a version of the chair Jacobsen vetoed 70 years before.

We will be taking pre-orders with a promotional price during the month of December. Please enquire within store.


About Kai Kristiansen:

Kai Kristiansen is a Danish furniture designer best known for his smooth and geometric mid-century modern cabinets, tables, and dining chairs.

Born in 1929 in Denmark, Kristiansen was originally trained as a cabinetmaker. He continued on to study at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, under famed architect and furniture designer Kaare Klint, a man sometimes referred to as the father of modern Danish furniture design,

Subsequently, Kristiansen opened his own office in Copenhagen in the mid 50’s where he worked with a range of manufacturers to create furniture “defined by clean lines and a perfect balance of form and function.”

The veteran designer, now well into his 80’s, continues to collaborate with designers and manufactures, and lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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