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Vetra P

Vetra P

At first glance, Vetra could be no more than a traditional, old-fashioned, blown-glass lamp, but turning it on yields a surprise. Joan Gaspar uses a completely closed glass diffuser as a reflector, and creatively places the light source outside -instead of inside- the shade. The Vetra gives off more light than one would expect, without glare. Much of the light is directed downward, and the rest is filtered toward the inside of the shade, subtly illuminating it. Like an echo multiplying the light, when it’s on, its entire outline is drawn out and seems to come alive.

  • Product Information

    Materials / 

    Matte-finish blown glass shade with lacquered aluminium dissipater. Base and stem in lacquered iron. 3 positions sensor dimmer.


    Dimensions /

    Base ∅340 H1379 mm
    Shade ∅320 H151 mm

    Light source /

    LED SMD 11,3W 700mA 2700K CRI90
    Luminaire 348lm
    Light source 1066lm


    Colours / 
    Available in black or white frame


    Manufacturer /


    Availability / 
    Lead time of about 6 - 8 weeks upon order

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