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The light that emanates from Sun creates a very special atmosphere, capturing our eyes and soothing our souls. It is a presence that brings personality and character to the space around it. The fixture’s design does not forget that its prominent place in the space necessitates a certain formal balance: it is simultaneously prominent yet understated, a point of interest that doesn’t steal the limelight.


A metal case and concave polycarbonate dish surround the LED light source, nestled in a blown-glass sphere. Each of Sun’s different materials reflects the light in its own way, much as what happens at the exact moment when the night’s darkness gives way to the light.

  • Product Information

    Dimensions /
    Sun 26: ∅260 H960 mm

    Sun 40: ∅400 H960 mm

    Sun 60: ∅600 H960 mm


    Materials /

    Lacquered iron structure. Diffuser made of thermoformed opal methacrylate, with another diffuser in opal blown glass placed off-centre.

    Colours / 

    White or Graphite 


    Light source / 
    Sun 26
    LED 16.2W 700mA 2700K Light source 1890lm Luminaire 949lm
    Sun 40
    LED 26.6W 700mA 2700K Light source 3688lm Luminaire 1830lm
    Sun 60
    LED 41W 700mA 2700K Light source 5176lm Luminaire 3088lm


    Manufacturer / 


    Availability / 
    Lead time of about 6 - 8 weeks upon order

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