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The Nenúfar is a cluster of LED pendants, composed of several discs attached to a central stem. Each disc is distinct, separated from the others in a way that the downward beams do not intersect or interfere, but combine for a uniform, direct beam.

The result is an item that is midway between decorative and architectural, and be applied to both purposes with ease. Sober and well finished, the Nenúfar utilizes top-quality materials and the power of LED to radiate an exquisite luminosity and create warm, welcoming atmospheres.


This fixture is in its element installed in a series—creating areas lit at different heights and with various combinations of discs—or on its own as a surprising, well balanced and subdued centerpiece. Choose from one, two, or three black discs supported by a polished chrome stem.

This fixture is available in pre-set configurations of 3, 5, 7, and 9 units, to ease installation.


*Available with mounted canopy in pre-set configurations, please contact us for more details.

  • Product Information

    Materials / 
    A chromed metal stem supports a system of one, two, or three polycarbonate discs, attached at varying heights and with 120 degrees of separation between. A diffuser with a strip of perimeter LEDs projects the light downwards.

    Dimensions /
    *Refer to images for details (do contact us for enquiries)

    Nenúfar 1 (single disc)

    Disc Ø173 Stem H296 mm
    Suspension L3000 mm
    Ceiling fixture H32 Ø185 mm


    Light source /

    Nenúfar 1 (single disc) 
    LED 9W 24V 2700K* 700lm

    Nenúfar 2 (double disc)
    LED 18W 24V 2700K* 1400lm  

    Nenúfar 3 (triple disc)
    LED 27W 24V 2700K* 2100lm

    Colours / 
    Avilable in white or black, with chrome stem.

    Manufacturer /


    Availability / 
    Lead time of about 6 - 8 weeks upon order

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