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Mercer C

Mercer C

The ceiling version of the Mercer lamp joins this range of lighting fixtures that stand out for their subtle reversal of roles: the cloth shade is inside a structure of transparent blown glass. The glass delicately protects the shade in natural pleated cotton or in a sophisticated pearl white fabric, at the same time as producing additional reflections. The main aim of this lamp is to give the ceiling of a room a delicate, warm glow, at the same time as providing illumination.

  • Product Information

    Dimensions /
    ∅440 H176 mm


    Materials /

    Transparent blown glass with textile shade and opal diffuser disc


    Colours / 

    Available in natural cotton ribbon and pearl white


    Light source / 

    (Not Included)

    2x E27 HSGSA/C/UB 46W or LED Standard 8W or  E27 FBT 18W 


    Manufacturer / 


    Availability / 
    Lead time of about 6 - 8 weeks upon order

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