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Ledtube Mini

Ledtube Mini

The Ledtube mini offers a new size to fill the gap: the same design but smaller and more compact while maintaining the proportions of the original. A change in scale to update it and offer the same performance in a smaller size.

Available in two formats: the same as the Ledtube, and a new, circular design that minimises its structure for easier wall mounting. Two sizes, two formats, several finishes, multiple uses and especially, the original.

  • Product Information

    Materials / 
    Injected aluminium structure and a frontal piece of transparent polycarbonate. Honeycomb grill to avoid glare. Incorporated switch to turn the lamp on when opened and off when folded away (not available in spot version).


    Dimensions /
    *Refer to final image for mounting requirements 

    Ledtube Mini
    External Baseplate W45 H113 mm
    Built-in Structure D40 H96 mm

    Ledtube Mini Spot
    Structure ∅38 D34 mm 
    Built-in Structure ∅39 D30 mm


    Light source /

    LED 3,6W 700mA 2700K CRI90
    Light source 132lm


    Colours / 
    Available in aluminium, white, black or bronze finish


    Manufacturer /


    Availability / 
    Lead time of about 6 - 8 weeks upon order

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