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Jaima P

Jaima P

Through the language of textiles, Joan Gaspar has designed a light of flexible, ductile materials that sifts the light as readily as it moves with the wind. In the Jaima collection, the light is the shade and weaver of emotions.

This new collection takes its name from the bedouin tents of North Africa, and is inspired by their varied fabrics and forms. The textilene shade is available in three sizes and four different colors, with a blank interior to optimize the quality of the downward light.

The shades can be combined with two versatile stands to make various sizes of adjustable, rotating floor lamps.

  • Product Information

    Materials / 
    Shade made of textielene with the inner part always in white. Stainless steel structure in lacquered grey.


    Dimensions /
    (Refer to last image for reference)

    Jaima P207 + Shade 43

    Base Ø490 Shade Ø430
    Frame H1940 mm

    Jaima P307 + Shade 54

    Base Ø700 Shade Ø540
    Frame H3030 mm

    Jaima P307 + Shade 71

    Base Ø700 Shade Ø710
    Frame H3030 mm


    Light source /
    (Not Included)

    Jaima P207 + Shade 43*
    E27 LED Globe (ø120) 22W

    Jaima P307 + Shade 54*
    E27 LED Globe (ø120) 22W

    Jaima P307 + Shade 71*
    E27 LED Globe (ø120) 22W


    Colours / 
    Available in blue, beige, grey and green shade


    Manufacturer /


    Availability / 
    Lead time of about 6 - 8 weeks upon order

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