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Djembé C

Djembé C

Like the echo of a drum, the Djembé collection is designed for repetition, creating musical compositions of light on the ceiling. A bell-shaped ceiling fixture with an exposed interior, Djembé is available in a numerous sizes and bright, airy colors that can be used individually or combined to create a brilliant statement piece.

  • Product Information

    Dimensions /

    Djembé C 42.13 ∅403 H135 mm
    Djembé C 42.21 ∅416 H210 mm
    Djembé C 42.28 ∅420 H280 mm
    Djembé C 65.23 ∅630 H230 mm
    Djembé C 65.35 ∅646 H350 mm
    Djembé C 65.45 ∅650 H450 mm
    Djembé 2 C 65.36 ∅630 Base∅ 403 H365 mm
    Djembé 2 C 65.48 ∅646 Base∅ 403 H485 mm


    Materials /
    Moulded polyethylene shade and diffuser in lacquered grey aluminium.


    Colours / 

    Available in white, grey, red and sky blue


    Light source / 

    C 42
    LED SMD 21,7W 700mA 2700K CRI90
    C 42.13 Luminaire 845lm
    C 42.21 Luminaire 955lm
    C 42.28 Luminaire 925lm
    Light source 2040lm* (Included)

    C 65

    LED SMD 28,5W 700mA 2700K CRI90
    C 65.23 Luminaire 1843lm
    C 65.35 Luminaire 1845lm
    C 65.45 Luminaire 1770lm
    Light Source 3023lm* (Included)

    2 C 65
    LED SMD 28,5W 700mA 2700K CRI90
    2 C 65.23 Luminaire 1843lm
    2 C 65.35 Luminaire 1845lm
    Light Source 3023lm* (Included)


    Manufacturer / 


    Availability / 
    Lead time of about 6 - 8 weeks upon order

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