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Copérnica P

Copérnica P

With no more than fingertips, one can achieve a feeling of weightlessness with the Copérnica lamp. As if levitating, it moves through space effortlessly, without friction or resistance.

Circles, semicircles, tubes, and bars of different diameters, materials, and weights…with the combination of these primary elements the Copérnica collection constructs geometric sculptures of light, establishing an intimate relationship with space and combining functionality with the beauty of pure lines.

The collection consists of desktop and standing versions that play with counterweights of mixed materials and density, such as steel and aluminum. This design allows one to move the lamp with great precision, providing a wide range of heights, distances, and adjustments to the beam of light to suite one’s taste. The upright version, a true statement piece, stands almost two meters in height and directly or indirectly illuminates the environment with its tilting head system.


*Copernica P190 available, please enquire for more details.

  • Product Information

    Materials / 
    Body and diffuser in lacquered aluminium. A switch is incorporated into the diffuser. Painted metal base and stem of aluminium. With black electrical cord.


    Dimensions /
    (Refer to last image for details)


    Copernica P

    Base Ø320 H1300 Shade Ø120 mm
    Arm L1046 Counterweight Ø75 mm

    Copernica P190

    Base Ø310 H1900 Shade Ø260 mm

    Light source /

    Copérnica P

    LED SMD 6,9W 700mA 2700K CRI90
    Light source 427lm

    Copérnica P190

    LED SMD 30,5W 700mA 2700K CRI90
    Luminaire 2302lm
    Light source 3380lm

    Colours / 

    Copernica P 

    Satin nickel with gold-white / graphite-white / red-white
    Graphite with gold-black / matte chrome-black / red-black

    Copernica P190
    Available in satin-nickel with white or graphite with black.


    Manufacturer /


    Availability / 
    Lead time of about 6 - 8 weeks upon order

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