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Bolle BTP 04

Bolle BTP 04

The lightness of the soap bubbles has become a metaphor for the immateriality of light. Bolle is a collection of lamps in transparent glass, where the illuminating brass bulb is suspending between the spheres, giving light to not only the space but also the curved surfaces, multiplying reflections to amplify the magical effect. The Bolle lamps are hand blown by local Venetian artisans using the “a lume” technique.

  • Product Information


    Mouth-blown glass, Brass fittings



    Total Width of glass shades 460 mm, Total Height of glass shades 370 mm. Total length of cable: 4000 mm.



    Other various configurations available. Please enquire for more pricing information. Delivery is approximately 8 -10 weeks upon confirmation.



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