Foundry is a design studio and independent concept store founded in 2002.

The Foundry/Studio is the creative and design arm of the company. It is a multi-disciplinary design practice that works on a diverse range of projects that include spaces, product, furniture, graphics and branding. With each project, the studio approaches it with curiosity, culture and context before embarking to create meaningful, inspiring and original solutions.


T​he Foundry/Store supplies well-crafted and timeless furniture, lighting and accessories. In a crowded market with overwhelming choices, we create, edit and choose pieces that tell a story, the exquisite craftsmanship from the work of the hands and with that touch of timelessness. 

Together with it's design, manufacturing knowledge and expertise, the synergy that comes out of this unique partnership offers a bespoke world of unique identities, interiors & products. 

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